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- Web development -

Fast and simple solutions for creating an office or online trading platform. Development, support and promotion of your web resource based on a scientific approach and many years of experience.

We take your web projects to new heights!

Web design, UI / UX design

We develop a website design taking into account the purpose and color scheme. We take into account your tastes and preferences. But we recommend harmonious color combinations. We are guided by the Gauss color wheel.

We select images, interface elements, menu buttons, headings according to the color palette, using fashionable solutions. The attractiveness of the site, its beautiful and thoughtful appearance is the first and significant step in converting your offer - visiting the site to order services or products. The second step is literate and unique text. Incentive slogan. The third step is to optimize images to work with text. Bringing Fitts and Ruskin's theoretical calculations to practical implementation in each design. Choose a complete solution today or make a reminder for tomorrow!

Why is HTML better than CMS?

The advantage of CMS is in the ease of filling content and site management. A CMS is well suited for a blog, news portal, or e-commerce site. With many years of experience in web site programming, we can give advice and help you make the right choice. In most projects, we use html with various CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, UIKIT, Skeleton, Foundation) using SSI technology (Server Side Includes) - allows you to assemble a site on a server from separate components and issue in a browser to the client of the received finished HTML document. We translate sites from Wordpress to GetSimple CMS!

7 years of practical experience in using CMS

HTML sites with significantly less code will render faster on different devices. In 2021, search engines rank better those sites that load faster in the browser. Using the vulnerabilities of sites on the CMS, hackers, having hacked the site and penetrated the server, use its resources to send spam, redirect to their sites, steal personal data and use the server as an information store.

To protect against hacking, CMS developers release systematically updates. This in turn may lead to the need to update plugins or components, templates or themes used on the CMS. To do this, it will be necessary to attract specialists or contact developers. In any case, it will lead to additional costs and possibly very significant.

If we talk about the simplicity of maintaining a site on a CMS, then only until the moment when you have a desire to rezine the site, not to mention strengthening measures to protect the site from hacking. In terms of the cost of development and support, sites based on html and CMS do not differ much. The only advantage of the CMS will affect those sites where the information should change in accordance with the actions of the visitor. These are information portals, social networks, online stores with hundreds of products.

Coding, layout, mapping

We are talking about the process of creating a website. First, the choice of the purpose and appearance of the site. Then determine the site's capabilities. Placement of video, audio, forms of communication, guestbook, drop-down windows, sliders, etc.

In recent years, visitors want to watch and listen more than read. The more you can delay and captivate the visitor on your site, the better. Better for site ranking and site conversion!

The behavioral factor is the actions of the visitor on the site. Refusals to visit the site (leaving the site within the first few seconds) negatively affects its positions in search engines. Choose attractive designs for overall success! Rely on the opinions of experts!

It's a good idea to bring the visitor back to the site! You can give the visitor an opportunity to chat and make a comment. Use social media! We promote web resources in social networks!

How to organize a system for accepting payments on the site? To receive orders from the site, the usual order form will be enough. Date a link to your page on social networks. The visitor will see that the owner of the resource is a real person who has a social circle, subscribers. The level of trust is higher in socially oriented people. Connecting payment systems to the site is justified if you want to automate the payment process, besides, one more point to the level of trust.

Who are we?

We are creative people designing websites. We will select or create the optimal design for your website, in accordance with modern trends in web design. We will develop the structure of the site, the semantic core. Optimizing text and illustrations. We will create and publish your website on the Internet and will support and promote it. We do not throw our customer into the maelstrom of the Internet of obscurity. We are always there and ready to help!

Our mission

Creation of simple and reliable sites, bright and fast based on ready-made solutions or individual design. We use the advantages of HTML and CMS, choosing the optimal solution from a variety of solutions. We create sites on CMS WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, PRESTASHOP, DRUPAL, MODX, MAXSITE, GRAV, GETSIMPLE if it is really justified. Any system can be hacked, we, by creating simple sites, deprive hackers of their earnings and make the Internet cleaner. Our customer does not need to understand the work of the hoster's admin panel, website or maintain a department of web programmers and web designers. We work for you when you relax!